Third place Nuits de l’info 2015

décembre 3, 2015


What is « La nuit de l’info » ?

The most exciting national serious game gathering millions of students to develop and implement a computer application in just one night !

During the night, partners are launching challenges (for example : the most ergonomic web interface, better architecture system, better collaboration, etc.) to the participating teams and offer prizes to the most successful ones.

Here is the website

The story

In 2015 I was in my second year of my Undergraduate degree in Computer science. My university had bought Nao the humanoid robot, but nobody did not know how to use it.  Driven by curiosity, I started to learn by myself every Thursday afternoon (as we did not have any lesson). My teachers allowed me to explore Nao. As my university was used to take part in the Nuit de l’Info every year, I decided to enter the competition with Nao and chose naturally an Artificial intelligence challenge. My main idea was to use Nao to transfer messages. For example you could ask it « can you tell Bob to buy robots ? ». Or « Nao, can you me informations about the emergency number ? »

My option was rewarded because I got the third place for the AFIA challenge « Mettez de l’intelligence dans votre moteur »  ! To discover what I did, click on the video below :