First place Nuits de l’info 2019


décembre 5, 2019

What is "La nuit de l'info" ?

The most exciting national serious game gathering millions of students to develop and implement a computer application in just one night !

During the night, partners are launching challenges (for example : the most ergonomic web interface, better architecture system, better collaboration, etc.) to the participating teams and offer prizes to the most successful ones.

Here is the website

As I am in my second and last year of my master degree in computer science (maybe the last « Nuit de l’info » for me !), we wanted to win one challenge. We decided to build one single application : a serious RPG game to help the students in their administrative tasks. The idea was :  each Non-player character were chat bots representing the « Crous », « CAF », etc. The character could interact with this chatbot to do his admistravive task symbolized as a quest. In this game I built all the 3 chat bots. For more information see the team website.

Source code of the chatBot made during the night.

After a very hard work all night long,  we won this challenge ! Again proposed by AFIA « Mettez de l’intelligence dans votre moteur » XD