Pepper Hackathon 2018 – A robot for well-being

mars 16, 2018

That year I was at Sorbonne University Pierre and Marie Curie Campus to follow a first year Master’s degree of robotics.

Therefore, I had to take advantage of being in a big city to take part in an international competition. Luckily the Softbank Robotics company was organizing an Hackathon with Pepper the robot. I particularly appreciate this company which also developed Nao, a humanoid robot I had the great opportunity to work with for 3 years in my previous unversity. Taking part in this hackathon would allow me to meet all the experts who built this robot and to  turn to good account my skills.

It was the first time that I participated to a Hackathon and unfortunately we were only a team of 3 people. So we preferred to focus on the final presentation instead of  on the robot’s development.

Finally, we implemented an application with Pepper that guided you to make breathing exercises in order to help you feel better when you are stressed.

Here is the video of this Hackathon.